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How I Got Started...

My life has always included art, ever since I was a child.  I've been crocheting since I was nine, and have mastered many other art forms as well.  

I married young, worked hard as an executive secretary and business assistant until my husband survived a traumatic brain injury.  I continued to work for a few years, when we were blessed with a beautiful daughter that came into our lives in a very special way.  I came home from the working world to take care of them.  It was with his blessing that I continue to raise our daughter in our rural home area instead of going back to the busy city, and that I pursue my art.  

​A love-affair with beads came about when I was looking for something special to put on the first sweater I made for my daughter...there had to be more than pony beads?  Then I found beads!  I made my first rosary the same year my husband passed away, and have been abundantly blessed with many ideas since then.  

​The biggest moment of satisfaction is when I create something that touches another person's heart.  I've been honored to have an article published about me in The Diocese of Superior Catholic Herald, you can see it here:  Click Here for Story